Working Together

VWM Wealth was established in 2002 in order to provide the very highest level of service in the profession, and is wholly owned by its directors.

Ours is a bespoke offering to high achievers, built on our in-depth understanding of how wealth can be used to facilitate our clients’ lifestyles. We act for a small number of clients, primarily on a referral basis, as this allows us to focus on providing a quality, tailored service. Our client to staff ratio is amongst the highest in the profession. Our approach is based on understanding every aspect of your wealth and your ambitions. Working with you, we’ll develop a long-term plan that will take account of your situation now, and be flexible enough to deal with eventualities in the future.

Like our clients, our values reflect the desire for the benefit of a trusted relationship. Our aim is to help you and your family for many years. The number of clients who have remained with us is testament to our commitment to these relationships.

Getting to know you

Our initial meetings will help you to understand your life objectives and your goals. This sort of insight helps us develop a bigger picture of what your aims are for the future. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask us questions, and decide if working with VWM is right for you. We’ll also ask you for some detailed financial information.

Your tailored plan

With the information and knowledge we gather from our meetings, we’ll create a personalised and detailed plan. This is designed to help you achieve your ambitions in the short, medium and longer term, and takes into account likely future events and long-term cashflows.

A long term relationship

We’ll agree the parameters for monitoring your plan and holding annual reviews. Our aim is to make sure you stay on track and continue to meet your goals.

Separately, we can also help you with your wider financial planning issues, such as a change in your circumstances, or other unexpected events.