VWM Wealth’s August 2019 Newsletter

Word from Lisa 

Back to school, changing of the seasons, and sharpening the pencil!

The leaves have yet to turn, but the new school year is upon us (it has already started for many), and it is a time of year where I like to reflect on a happy and fun-filled summer, which has certainly been the case this year, and look towards the rest of the year.  September is a great time for us all to get into ‘back to school’ mode.  A good way to start this is not to focus on what hasn’t been done; stop being hard on yourself and give some thought to what you have already accomplished.  It is also amazing how our desires and goals change over the year so it’s really interesting to reflect back.  We have been enjoying doing this and catching up with all of you on your One Year Planners, not least to see how much a year can change things, and to enjoy and celebrate that much progress has been made.  A large part of our planning discussions involves supporting the next generation.  Should you feel a conversation with any members of you family may be valuable, we would be delighted to help in any way we can.

This month we would also like to share in one of our family’s successes.  I know that there are many avid fans of Masterchef amongst you and even some aspiring chefs!  Robert Dann, son of Norma and Michael whom some of you may have met, has recently enjoyed a wonderful restaurant review from top, and dare I say rather scary, food critic Jay Rayner.  We thought that this achievement was a perfect example of sharpening the pencil and a great inspiration for all of us looking towards the rest of the year in our various personal and professional projects.  Many congratulations and best wishes for future success from all of us and if you are in London, please do try to support and spread the word!

Bob’s Lobster, London: “Big on flavours and huge on joy” – Jay Rayner 

Kind regards



Key Guides

I would also like to draw your attention to Later Life Planning as this is an area that we talk about more and more. Please find below a link to a new ‘VWM Key Guide’ in this area which may highlight some areas that you want to address. As always, if this raises any specific questions for you, please do get in touch.

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We Celebrate!

As a team we have also been celebrating success as Grahame received an award for being the international top scoring student in his recent STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) exam. We are immensely proud of Grahame and his hard work – well done! This is a qualification which helps lengthen VWM Wealth’s reach in the area of estate planning and helps us to work even more closely with solicitors for the benefit of you all.


VWM Wealth Recognition

Celebrating excellence within the personal finance space. The MoneyAge Awards return in 2019 for their 4th year, celebrating the excellence, innovation, and professionalism in the ever expanding and innovative personal finance space. Honouring the banks, building societies, savings and investment providers, mortgage companies and personal finance specialists that have proved themselves ahead of the game in the field of consumer finance with their product provision, innovation, focus on value and customer service.

VWM Wealth are delighted to be shortlisted for the 4th Annual MoneyAge Awards.

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Thrive Online

We are now almost a year on from the launch of our Thrive Online service and mobile app. We have been delighted by the reviews received from a lot of users in addition to the development suggestions. Please keep them coming!

Users of the mobile app should notice an upgrade has taken place which includes a refreshed mobile user experience including a clean, contemporary look and feel, with additional configuration options.

We will be making further use of the portal and mobile app to upload documents for you that are of a sensitive nature to ensure your information and data remains secure at all times. If you haven’t yet made use of the portal or mobile app, we would encourage you to take advantage of the secure system that it offers.

If you have any questions regarding the service, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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VWM Wealth in the News

To read the latest articles from our press coverage, please visit our website.

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David Thomson, our Chief Investment Officer, is regularly published within The Herald Scotland. The next publication date is 12th October. You can visit The Herald Scotland website by clicking their logo above.

David is also able to articulate his investment knowledge and opinion on international; national economic and investment affairs and does so as a regular contributor to the Scottish national early morning news programme “Good Morning Scotland”. You can listen to David on BBC Radio Scotland (93.1 to 93.8 FM) at circa 06:45 am. Alternatively, ask Alexa to listen to “BBC Radio Scotland”.

David was “on air” on Monday 19th August. You can listen to the catch up show or check out the past four weeks shows via the BBC online by clicking the microphone to the left.


Supported Charities

VWM Wealth supports a wide range of charitable causes and events and believes passionately in giving back and positively contributing to the community. To read more about our supported charities for this year, please click on the logos above.


VWM Wealth supports a wide range of charitable causes and events and believes passionately in giving back and positively contributing to the community. To read more about our supported charities for this year, please click on the logos above.

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