VWM Wealth Completes Management Buyout

The management team at VWM Wealth are pleased to announce that they have completed a management buyout led by Lisa Johnstone, David Thomson and Grahame Hopper.  The board will continue to be bolstered by the presence of Ken Welsh (founder) as Chairman whilst he also pursues other interests and opportunities.

Former Managing Director, Ken Welsh, commented:

“With planning at the heart of our client service, for the past 4 years we have been working on our own business plan.  I am delighted to confirm that, with the help of our business advisers, the transfer of ownership to the management team has now been completed.  It’s been a painless, transparent, and seamless process. I will remain with VWM Wealth as Chairman, supporting the management team, and will still have personal contact with clients.”

New Managing Director, Lisa Johnstone commented:

“We would like to wish Ken every success in his future ventures and thank him for his inspiring leadership.  We are grateful that he will continue to support the business in the exciting years ahead, and the whole team is very much looking forward to the future.  We feel honoured, and very fortunate, to have such an opportunity as part of one the UK’s most successful boutique wealth management firms. The quality of the VWM Wealth team is evidenced by the range of awards won, its excellent record in investment management and financial planning, as well as the quality of service, and strength of relationships enjoyed by all the families we work with.  We look forward to continuing to build upon that.”


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