Thrive WP

Our approach to wealth planning goes deeper than to look at your finances from an individual ‘product’ point of view. We understand that your lifestyle is precious to you, you’ve worked hard, made wise decisions and been very successful. We want to help you continue to achieve those ambitions through your wealth.

Welcome to Thrive WP.

Thrive WP Our Approach

Thrive WP enables us to help you achieve everything you’re striving for. It enables us to look at what really matters to you, what your ambitions are for you and your family. Whether you’re planning for the future, reassessing your finances, or approaching retirement.

Through a series of discussions and questioning techniques, we’ll find out what your current situation is, what your long-term desires are, and find out what’s holding you back. We’ll cover four main areas:

Time: We find out how happy you are currently with how you spend your time.

Money: We ask you how in control you feel about your money, how you spend it and how secure it makes you feel.

Relationships: Do you spend enough time with the people who matter to you, or are there changes you’d like to make?

Purpose: We find out what’s important to you and uncover what your priorities really are.

One of the final questions we’ll ask you is: “When we meet in three years’ time, what must have happened for you to be extremely happy with your progress?”

With this insight, we’ll then create your very own Lifestyle Plan, which will give you a detailed investment strategy showing you how your wealth will help you achieve your truly extraordinary life. Not just something that’s ‘good’ but something far greater.

For us it’s a true privilege to help our clients make their ambitions happen, and to see the difference we can make to their lives.

To see how Thrive WP has helped others, take a look at our client stories, or contact us to find out more.