New Model Adviser (NMA) Top 100

28th November 2019


VWM Wealth are pleased to announce that for the fifth year running has been accredited as a New Model Adviser Top 100 firm. This is the NMA magazine list of Financial Planning businesses that they regard as doing a great job for clients as well as staff and contributing to the profession as a whole.

Earlier this year NMA sent out a long and detailed survey to firms. Their questions spanned everything from investment to fees, training to succession planning and client education to diversity.  NMA Commented that “This year proved that firms are doing more and working harder (or smarter) than ever. This year NMA have highlighted some best-in-class firms who stood out in a particular area, such as ESG-investment, diversity and transparency.”

Offering access to ESG (ethical) type funds is becoming more common, although it is clear that developing a specialism takes substantial time and commitment. 

Succession planning is being taken more seriously, and NMA found it encouraging to see more discussion and implementation of things like employee ownership trusts, to help secure the future of firms. This was also evident from investment in recruitment and training.

NMA also commented that “firms seem to be taking marketing and branding more seriously. There is investment in firms’ digital presence and efforts to make the client experience as slick and rich as possible.”