Key Guides

We developed these guides to address the key areas that our clients will need to consider when they’re planning for their future.

The guides cover the broader issues; we’re happy to discuss any of these subject areas with you and how they relate to your individual circumstances.

Business Succession Planning

If you are a business owner, business succession planning and insurance is important. It is quite simply the process of planning for what you want to happen if you (or co-owner) were to die or fall seriously ill.

Taking Income at Retirement

There comes a time when you stop working for your money and put your money to work for you. For most people, that is retirement. The decisions you make then could have repercussions for the rest of your life, and in recent years, there have been some major changes to the retirement choices you can make with your pensions.

Financial Protection – for you and your family

Life insurance protection underpins most good financial planning. The right insurance can ensure that if the worst should happen, the right amount of money will reach the right hands at the right time.

Investing for Children

Most parents want to help their children financially, whether it is making sure there is enough money for their education or helping them to buy a property.

Saving for Retirement

Retirement is something most of us look forward to − particularly on a Monday morning. However, those thoughts are often little more than a whimsical cocktail of not having to work and prolonged holidays. The reality could be rather different, particularly if your retirement date is some way off.

Investment Planning and Asset Allocation

Investment planning is now more of a science, rather than an art. Technology, ever-increasing investment opportunities and stricter regulation have all encouraged the more scientific approach.

The Financial Planning Journey

The aim of this guide is to explain the process in general terms and what financial planning can achieve for you. Some of the important recent changes to pensions and ISAs have made the need for financial planning even more crucial.

Investing Tax-Efficiently

The taxation of investments has never been a simple matter. In recent years, it has become more complex as successive governments have chosen to tax different sources of investment income in different ways, mostly with the aim of adding to the Exchequer’s coffers.

Pensions Tax Planning for High Earners

If you want to reduce the amount of tax you pay, then the solution is in your own hands. Thinking and planning ahead could help you to lessen the rising tax burden.

You and Yours - Estate Planning

For many people, estate planning is pushed to the bottom of the ‘do later’ list, like tax returns. Estate planning is also a subject that requires you to contemplate your own demise and none of us expect to pass away tomorrow, so deferral easily sets in.

Making the most of ISAs

When Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) first appeared in 1999 as a replacement for PEPs and TESSAs, they were a relatively straightforward offering. There was one plan with a choice of three investment variants: stocks and shares, cash or life assurance (merged into the stocks and shares component in 2005). In the 19 years since, what was once simple has become more complicated.

Taxation and Property

Recent tax changes and tighter lending rules have had a negative impact on the buy-to-let market. This means that anyone thinking of becoming a landlord in future will need to carefully consider the pros and cons, especially when it comes to tax.

Business succession planning

The issues facing businesses when the owner or co-owner dies or becomes seriously ill.

Financial protection - for you and your family

Making sure that your family have the funds they need if you die or are unable to work.

Investing for children

How to help your children in their formative years – from providing for their education to buying their first home.

Investing for income when you retire

Considers the decisions you’ll have to take as you approach retirement, and your options.

Investment planning and asset allocation

Looks at some of the issues that will help inform the way well define your investment strategy and portfolio.

Living abroad - the main tax rules

Information for clients who are considering working or retiring outside of the UK.

Pensions and tax planning for high earners

The tax issues facing high earners and how they can successfully use the tax advantages of pensions.

Drawing from your pension

The relaxed rules on pensions freedom impacts on many people approaching and in retirement.

The key stages of financial planning

The financial planning process and how following it can help you achieve the results you desire.