Discretionary service

Your investment portfolio

Working with you, we’ll develop an investment portfolio that complements your need for investment income and/or capital growth. To build the initial asset allocation, we’ll take into account your attitude towards investment risk, your family’s financial position if that’s appropriate, and your plans for passing on your estate.

Ongoing management

All client discretionary portfolios are personally managed by David Thomson, our chief investment officer. David will make tactical adjustments as and when required to reflect changing market conditions, and any changes to your circumstances that you tell us about. You can speak to David at any time about your portfolio.

What we invest in

We invest in collective funds (such as OEICS and investment trusts) rather than directly in individual company shares or bonds. Funds are easily tradable and transparent, and there is a wealth of information about them that makes them easy to assess. They also give us access to the diversity our clients need and help us to manage risk effectively.

“VWM has totally grasped and understood my future needs, and responded accordingly. I’m delighted with the sound advice and the various ways you have shown me how to save tax during retirement.”

Nick Reed
Director, Primeads International Ltd