To Transfer or Not to Transfer?

Following coverage in the press about final salary pension transfers and pension flexibility, Tom set about looking at what his pension could do for him and his family and if transferring would be the right thing to do. He had previously held a senior position in corporate banking and was a deferred member of their defined benefit pension scheme.

Tom also wondered if he could pay the rest of his mortgage off and start to wind down in his consultancy business over the next few years approaching 65. He would love to travel more with his wife Helen, who had already retired, as they were both keen to start enjoying a slower pace of life and to tick off some bucket list destinations.


At an initial meeting we introduced Tom and Helen to VWM Wealth’s “Thrive” process ( which goes further than just finances. Tom and Helen discussed their plans and aspirations for the future and how they would like life to look for them and their family as Tom winds down at work. The use of deep questioning allowed Tom and Helen to really step back and think about what mattered to them and what type of life they wanted.

Following this, the VWM Wealth team carried out a thorough audit of all aspects of Tom and Helen’s finances which included a review of the proposed transfer value for the final salary scheme. In conjunction with the team, Tom and Helen learned how the various options operated and what risks were involved, and we collaborated on their priorities and what solution best worked for them.

A comprehensive report and cashflow model illustrated the benefits of our recommendation vs the current situation and both Tom and Helen felt that the opportunities and flexibility offered by the pension transfer were perfect for their needs. They also really benefitted from seeing their entire financial plan brought to life on screen.

Following the transfer Tom and Helen are mortgage free and have the peace of mind that their finances are receiving the necessary care and attention. We meet at least once per year to ensure that their plan stays ‘on track’.

Tom is keen to wind down rather than stop work altogether but is happy that he no longer needs to work for financial reasons but continues to do so as he enjoys it and it gives him a purpose. This has resulted in a big mindset shift for him and a lot less worry and stress. Funds have been earmarked to help the children early in life, and the enhanced death benefits on the pension mean that they may also receive a pension legacy in the future. Tom and Helen have significant peace of mind in the ability of their assets to provide the fun filled lifestyle that they seek in retirement and they are very much looking forward to it.

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Names, as well as any details which could be used to identify, have been changed in order to protect our clients’ identities.