Pensions and divorce

After her divorce, we helped Julia decide how to manage the seven figure sum and company shares she would receive as part of the divorce settlement.


Julia was getting divorced and had sought advice from a family solicitor. As part of the divorce settlement, she was to receive a share of her husband’s assets. This included shares in his business interests which would be sold at some point in the future – although the timescale was uncertain. The solicitor was unable to give advice on financial matters and referred Julia to VWM Wealth.

Problems and challenges

The solicitor needed us to provide expert guidance on a home for the money so that the divorce could be finalised.

The client needed advice on how best to manage this money, since she previously had limited involvement in the family financial affairs. She also needed to examine how the divorce and settlement would impact on her financial security and the future.

Her former husband had taken greater risks with his pensions than our client was willing to take. She wanted to manage her funds so that security was a priority.

Our approach

We worked with Julia to agree a strategy for the investment of the funds, produced research on the most appropriate solutions for her, and explained her options her. We also provided guidance on budgeting and acted as a sounding board for any significant expenditure, such as the potential purchase of her mother’s house.

We showed Julia how much she would need to secure her desired future lifestyle and created an investment plan to generate a tax-efficient income with the lowest level of risk necessary.

This gave Julia peace of mind that she has enough assets and income to fund her future needs.

Outcomes and Impact

We helped Julia to make important decisions about her future income and her financial needs. She was able to feel secure in her financial future at a very difficult personal time, and able to separate her finances from her former spouse and move on with her life.

Our support has helped Julia secure the retirement she wants now and in the future, with a level of risk that she’s comfortable with.