Family Bereavement

When Elizabeth’s husband died she came to us for guidance in assessing her financial situation, and help in securing her finances for the future.


Elizabeth’s husband had always handled the family finances, so she was unsure how his death would affect her future. She wanted to know she would be secure and not make any serious financial mistakes. She also wanted to help her two children if possible, and in particular fund her daughter’s forthcoming wedding.

Problems and challenges

Elizabeth’s husband had left a significant pension pot that she was able to draw an income from. She needed to re-assess her expenditure and wanted to take control of her future financial direction.

Elizabeth’s late husband had a number of other assets of different types and levels of risk. She wanted to reduce any risks taken with her money so she would not worry about the future.

Our approach

Using cash flow modelling, we showed Elizabeth how much she needed to secure her desired future lifestyle. This gave her peace of mind that she had enough assets and income to fund her future needs.

We consolidated her investments onto a wrap platform. This made administering the portfolio simple and allowed her to see all of her assets in one place and could easily understand her options.

We created a discretionary investment plan to generate a flexible income that would fund Elizabeth’s future in a tax efficient way, while taking the lowest level of risk necessary.

Outcomes and Impact

Elizabeth was able to feel secure about her financial future at a very difficult personal time. She had confidence that the budget for her daughter’s wedding was comfortably within her means and with our support was able to make important decisions about her future income and potential financial needs.

We arranged her investments so that she had the income she needs now, and the flexibility to withdraw money as needed. All this was done with a focus on minimising risk while maintaining her lifestyle.