Approaching retirement

We provided Oliver and Mary with the level of service they needed after they had been let down by their former adviser, and structured their assets to give them the income they needed, with lower risk, and greater tax efficiency.


Oliver was approaching retirement. He was looking forward to enjoying more holidays with his wife Mary, and spending more time with his grandchildren. Oliver’s investments and pensions were previously managed by a large private bank, but service standards had fallen. He also held around £1 million worth of shares in a small AIM listed company where he had previously acted as Chairman.

Problems and challenges

Oliver was concerned about the Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill his family could potentially be faced with in the future. He and Mary understand they can make gifts to reduce tax but are concerned about leaving themselves short of funds later in life. They would like to consider alternative options but are unsure what the correct solution is for them and concerned about making a wrong move at this crucial time.

Our approach

We discussed with Oliver and Mary their goals and aspirations for the future.

We completed a risk profile questionnaire and discussed the potential to move to a lower risk investment strategy, as they didn’t need to take any unnecessary risk to achieve their objectives. They were content to retain an adventurous approach as they were experienced investors with a high capacity for loss. They were also reassured that our discretionary investment capabilities meant their portfolios could be restructured within 24 hours if necessary.

With the use of suitable trust planning, we reduced their potential IHT liability while providing access to income and capital.

We maximised their pension contributions (in addition to ISAs which were regularly funded) to reduce their income tax bill and shelter as much as possible with their pensions. We also established Junior ISAs for their grandchildren as a convenient way to gift assets.

Exposure to the AIM listed shares was reduced by way of gift to trust and children to reduce their exposure to this relatively risky investment.

We used a lifetime cash flow projection to show Oliver and Mary how their new strategy will ensure they never run short of money. We review this with them every six months.


Oliver and Mary are relieved that their original retirement plans remain on track, and that they have a good budget to enjoy their holidays.

They are happy with the slightly lower levels of risk they are now taking and are reassured that their future is more secure. They are also content that their IHT issue has been addressed and will be kept under review.