Financial Analysis Commentary Featuring Lisa Johnstone

11th December 2020

A one-off wealth tax on assets such as pensions and property could become reality under plans submitted to the Treasury by tax experts today. The government has spent £280 billion on measures to support the […]


Christmas Greetings

10th December 2020


What’s changed for blockchain since the crypto winter?

23rd October 2020

David Thomson has been featured in the new issue of New Model Advisor by Ian Horne. It’s not the time to talk about second waves, is it? Thankfully, rather than discussing the outbreak of a […]


Number of Women Opening ISAs Falls

9th October 2020

Lisa Johnstone was featured in an Interactive Investor article this month. Young women buck the trend, but experts spot worrying fall in females investing for their futures. Younger female savers are bucking the trend after research revealed […]


DAVID THOMSON – The medium and longer-term impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

3rd August 2020

Now that the initial panic has subsided, investors are turning their thoughts to portfolio fine-tuning or perhaps even radical restructure as they seek to capitalise on a possible “new normal”. For now, there is no […]


VWM Featured on UK’s 10 financial advisers to watch in 2020

12th June 2020

Johnstone’s team picked up the trophy for chartered firm of the year at the Personal Finance Society’s 2019 awards, which cited the way it engaged with charities, sought feedback from clients, and developed new financial […]


British investors have flocked to DIY platforms with the coronavirus shaking global markets, but financial advisers warn of big risks

15th May 2020

Global stock markets have been turbulent during the coronavirus pandemic. Multiple UK platforms that cater to inexperienced investors have reported a surge in new accounts being opened. Financial advisers, who compete for business with such […]


Look past the coronavirus to see global fund opportunities

31st March 2020

David Thomson was featured in Money Observer on 27th March 2020. Markets have been hit hard by the virus, but a broader picture suggests the global sector will throw up opportunities. The global bull market […]


DAVID THOMSON – Coronavirus: Three mistakes investors can make

30th March 2020

Recent portfolio falls can be difficult to stomach and are unfortunately sometimes viewed through the media prism of what can feel like mass hysteria. In these difficult times it pays to keep a cool head […]


3 Mistakes Investors Make

18th March 2020

We are very aware that recent portfolio falls can be difficult to stomach and are unfortunately sometimes viewed through the media prism of mass hysteria. After all we invest in our own portfolios so have […]