Grahame Hopper awarded a Worldwide Excellence Award

18th June 2019

VWM Wealth are pleased to announce that Grahame Hopper, Director and Chartered Financial Planner, has been awarded a Worldwide Excellence Award from STEP (the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners). STEP is the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning. The awards, held twice yearly, recognise the top scoring student at distinction level in each […]


David Thomson: The answer to the risk-on/risk-off dilemma is to hold a bit of both

7th May 2019

RISK-ON or risk-off is a relatively permanent question for many active investors that tends to have implications across the spectrum of asset classes. Certain assets, such as equities or currencies, are perceived to be risk-on while others are believed to be safe havens – or risk-off. The latter are generally the type of assets investors […]


A Spring Statement in the eye of the Brexit storm

14th March 2019

The Chancellor rose in a parliament preoccupied with the ongoing Brexit drama to deliver a Spring Statement on the state of the economy. Mr Hammond made clear some while ago that he wanted his Spring Statement to be a short financial briefing and he stuck to a no-frills script. There were no new tax measures […]


Glasgow Wealth Manager Changes Hands After Management Buy Out

28th January 2019

Lisa Johnstone, Director at VWM, discusses the recent management buy out with The Herald: “We don’t have hundreds of clients – we have 87 and the business is very relationship driven. It’s not just about the money but what the money is doing for those families…” Read the full article.


VWM Wealth Completes Management Buyout

25th January 2019

The management team at VWM Wealth are pleased to announce that they have completed a management buyout led by Lisa Johnstone, David Thomson and Grahame Hopper.  The board will continue to be bolstered by the presence of Ken Welsh (founder) as Chairman whilst he also pursues other interests and opportunities. Former Managing Director, Ken Welsh, […]


How will Brexit impact my finances?

3rd December 2018

Lisa Johnstone, Director at VWM, discusses the impact of Brexit with The Financial Times: ““Having a good plan around your finances and sticking to that plan is key,” said Lisa Johnstone, director of VWM Wealth. “Anticipating whether the markets will double or halve is not realistic or healthy.”…” Read the full article.


David Thomson: Weigh up your objectives when constructing an investment portfolio

19th November 2018

David Thomson, chief investment officer at VWM Wealth, discusses investment objectives with The Herald: “BEFORE starting to invest it is always wise to think about the return you require and the level of risk you can tolerate. There are two other factors that need to be taken into consideration: first, your time horizon and, secondly, […]


Past fees are not a guide to future fees

3rd September 2018

David Thomson, chief investment officer at VWM Wealth, discusses investment returns and charges with The Herald: “IN RECENT years investment returns have been good so investors have not focused on charges, but that will change if markets are flat or fall. Accordingly, it is worth giving charges consideration as they can have a big impact […]


The pros and cons of buying into an investment trust

19th June 2018

David Thomson, chief investment officer at VWM Wealth, discusses investment trusts with The Herald: “INVESTMENT trusts have been around since the 1860s whereas unit trusts did not become popular until the 1960s. In essence the former are companies that hold investments and whose shares trade on the stock market. They have both advantages and disadvantages […]


Is cryptocurrency a new asset class?

11th April 2018

David Thomson, chief investment officer at VWM Wealth, discusses cryptocurrency with The Herald: “Although interest rates on cash have been low there has been a way to make good returns from cash in recent years – by investing in currencies. And the currency grabbing all the headlines recently has been cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, which has […]