About You

We work with people who are high achievers – for example, successful business owners or professionals who are making big plans for retirement.

Perhaps you’re one of them: you might have investments and pensions in excess of £1m, or earn a substantial salary, or both. You’re looking for advice and support from experts who can give you the time and space to think clearly about your wealth, where it’s taking you and where you’d really love to be.

We’re here to do that for you. To ask you thoughtful, meaningful questions – to sometimes challenge you – and to help you consider all the options.

The majority of our clients are referred to us by others, which allows us to focus on providing a quality, tailored service. These clients share our values of ambition and authenticity. They look to us for reassurance and to act responsively.

The number of long-term clients is testament to our commitment to these relationships. Our aim is to become your trusted partner and help you and your family for many years.

Read more about how we’ve helped others by taking a look at our client stories.