About Us

We’re an independent boutique firm driven by very high standards and are one of the few Chartered Financial Planning firms in the UK. Headquartered in Glasgow, with meeting rooms in London, our award-winning team comprises a group of talented people who have each left corporate life looking for something better. We decided that what the big companies were offering wasn’t good enough and that our ‘good’ was greater.

We set out to create something different, which isn’t about the size of the organisation, but the quality. We took the very best from what the profession offers – the best people and technology – and we continue to invest in both so that we always strive to deliver a much deeper, more meaningful, life-long service to your family.

We’ve developed a network of like-minded professionals – for example chartered tax advisers and family lawyers – to ensure you receive a specialist approach to your wealth.

We created this service so that we could take responsibility for your needs, react more quickly, and deliver exactly what you’re looking for. For us, it’s a true privilege to see the difference we can make to our clients’ lives.

Find out more about our approach here.