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What is evidence-based investing and how can it help you grow your wealth?

It is hard not to be influenced by the noise and volatility that is part and parcel of investing. You only need to turn on the TV news to see stories that can materially affect the global economy, from political change to regional conflicts. There are always periods of confidence and uncertainty, or opportunities for […]

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3 financial pearls of wisdom from the works of William Shakespeare

Few writers have captured the collective imagination and the reality, hilarity, and tragedy of being a human, quite like William Shakespeare. The Bard of Avon remains unparalleled in his ability to find poetic expression for profound truths applicable to every domain of life. So, as the 23 April is National Shakespeare Day, what can you […]

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7 key takeaways from the 2024 Spring Budget and what they mean for you

Spring is the season of renewal, a time for dusting out your old cobwebs and starting afresh. And, on the UK financial calendar, it is, of course, time for the budget. Last month’s Spring Budget was likely to be the final UK budget before the next election, which will either come in late 2024 or […]

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Guide: 7 valuable behaviours for successful investing

How do you grow your wealth when you’re investing? Choosing the “right” investments is just one of the ingredients needed for success. Indeed, your mindset and behaviours could have a much larger effect on the outcomes of your investments than you might think. Your approach to investing could influence the decisions you make when you […]

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