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What a Labour government could mean for your finances

In a decisive and historic victory, the Labour Party won the 2024 UK general election with a significant majority and Keir Starmer has become the UK prime minister after 14 years of Conservative government. The new chancellor, Rachel Reeves, has already pledged to “fix the foundations” of the British economy in a bid to drive […]

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What the 2024 general election could mean for your finances

2024 has been called “the year of elections” with an estimated 2 billion people around the world heading to the polls. Voters in the UK will have their say on 4 July. Now that each of the main parties has published their manifestos, here’s what the 2024 general election could mean for your finances. Conservatives […]

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4 financial lessons you can learn from The Lion King on its 30th anniversary

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest family films of all time, Disney’s The Lion King. As with all great stories, the film explores a wealth of ideas and holds truths and lessons you can apply to multiple domains of life, including the religious, the psychoanalytical, and as you will see, the […]

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The evolution of investing: how we arrived at an evidence-based approach

The fundamental practice of allocating resources to reap future benefits – that is, investing – has existed for millennia. It is perhaps even part of the reason the human species has thrived and survived in the manner it has. The earliest evidence of financial contracts and investments comes from Mesopotamia around 1700BC, where clay tablets […]

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